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The repository hosts contracts into public domain under three different modes: government, corporate and informal. In addition, it employs a fourth tag in disclosure mode "Found elsewhere" when a contract has been found on an intermediate website and it has been impossible to determine the original mode of disclosure.

Disclosure Mode

Government Disclosure

Government refers to all contractual documents formally released by governments. In some cases contracts which were published have later disappeared from the Internet and the repository stores a local copy. The date of retrieval of the original document is entered into the system but not currently surfaced.

Corporate Disclosure

Corporate disclosure is when a company discloses a contract to investors or under disclosure requirements in a country where it operates other than the host country (where such disclosure would be as a result of government policy and therefore be better categorised as government disclosure). Major corporate disclosure sites in the launch version of the repository include EDGAR, the US financial regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission, and SEDAR, the site publishing information on the part of the Canadian Securities Administrators. The repository also uses the corporate disclosure tag to refer to contracts on intermediate sites where commercial terms have resulted in contract disclosure as has been the cases with some projects supported by the International Finance Corporation.

Informal Disclosure

Contracts sometimes end up in the public domain through informal processes. In some cases such disclosures are not considered problematic by the relevant government. In fact, official contract monitoring workshops have taken place in some countries based on informally disclosed contracts. In other cases, leaked contracts have spurred the government to formally accept the principle of public contract disclosure, as has been the case in Mozambique. In others cases, advocacy organizations have published leaked contracts along side analyses of their economic implications, as has been the case on two separate occasions in Uganda as well as Tanzania. The repository includes copies of contracts that have been informally disclosed where they are already widely circulating in the public domain.

Scope of Repository