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Available contracts

Contract Title Contractor Signed Host-Gov-Contract Lang. Summary Link
Kazakhstan Alibek-Yuzhny dd19990429 Subsoil-Assets-License Subsoil-Assets-License Caspi Neff April 29, 1999 yes English download
Kazakhstan Blocks-XXII-23-A-D-E dd20061229 Production-Contract Production-Contract Caspi Neft TME JSC December 29, 2006 yes English download
Kazakhstan Blocks-XXII-23-D E dd20000307 Exploration-Contract Exploration-Contract KASPIY NEFT March 7, 2000 yes English download
Kazakhstan Blocks-XXX-XXXI-XXXII dd20070727 Exploration-Contract Exploration-Contract Marsel Petroleum LLP July 27, 2007 yes English download
Kazakhstan Dauletaly-field-Atyrau-Oblast dd20030217 Exp-Prod-Contract Exp-Prod-Contract КоZhaN LLP February 17, 2003 yes English download
Kazakhstan Kzyloy dd20050505 Gas-Prod Gas-Prod BN-Munai May 5, 2005 yes English download
Kazakhstan Morskoe-Field dd20040806 Drilling Drilling Precaspiburneft-Kazakhstan-LLP August 6, 2004 yes English download
Kazakhstan North-Block dd20021229 Exploration-Contract Exploration-Contract Aral Petroleum Capital CJSC December 29, 2002 yes English download
Kazakhstan Zhakarmy-West-I-Blocks dd20070827 Exploration-Contract Exploration-Contract Falcon Oil&Gas LTD August 27, 2007 yes English download

Available concessions data

Source: available here
Source date: 2014 - retrieved: 11/24/2014

Concession Contractor(s) Description
Abai KazMunayGas Shares:KazMunayGas
Atash Company Arash Joint Venture: KazMunayTeniz JSC and Lukoil overseas Shelf B.V Shares:KazMunayGas JSC 50%, Lukoil 50%
Centralnaya NC KazMunaiGas JSC, CenterCaspneftegas OJSC Shares:NC KazMunaiGas JSC, CenterCaspneftegas OJSC
Darkhan KazMunayGas Shares:KazMunayGas
Dunga Oman Oil Company Limited Oman, Partex Kazakhstan Corporation Portugal, Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH» Denmark Shares:Oman Oil Company Limited Oman 20%, Partex Kazakhstan Corporation Portugal 20%, Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH Denmark 60%
Emba fields KazMunaiGas JSC Shares:KazMunaiGas JSC
Hvalynskoye Joined Venture: Caspian oil and gas company Ltd (KazMunayGas JSC, Lukoil) Shares:KazMunayGas JSC 50%, Lukoil 50%
Issatai Shares:
Karashaganak KazMunaiGas JSC Shares:KazMunaiGas JSC
Kashagan JSC NC KazMunayGaz KMG Kashagan B.V., ENI S.p.A. Agip Caspian Sea B.V., CNPC CNPC Kazakhstan B.V. ,INPEX Corporation INPEX North Caspian Sea Shares:JSC NC KazMunayGaz KMG Kashagan B.V. 16,88%, ENI S.p.A. Agip Caspian Sea B.V. 16,81%, CNPC CNPC Kazakhstan B.V. 8,33%, INPEX Corporation INPEX North Caspian Sea 7,56%.
Kumkol fields KazGerMunay Shares:KazGerMunay
Kurmangazy Kurmangazy Petroleum Ltd Shares:Kurmangazy Petroleum Ltd
N Section KazMunayGas Shares:KazMunayGas
Satpayev NC KazMunaiGas, ONGC Videsh Limited Shares:NC KazMunaiGas, ONGC Videsh Limited
Tengiz NC KazMunayGas JSC, Chevron, ExxonMobil, LukArco Shares:NC KazMunayGas JSC 20%, Chevron 50%, ExxonMobil 25%, LukArco 5%.
Tyub-Karagan joint venture Tyub Karagan Operating Company B.V (KazMunaiGas JSC and «Lukoil Overseas Shelf B.V) Shares:KazMunayGas JSC 50%, Lukoil 50%
Usen fields Shares:
Zhambay Zhambay Ltd Shares:Zhambay Ltd
Zhambyl KazMunayGas» Shares:KazMunayGas
Zhemchuzhiny KazMunayTeniz , Shell RD Offshore Ventures Limited, Oman Oil Shares:KazMunayTeniz 25%, Shell RD Offshore Ventures Limited 55%, Oman Oil 20%.

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