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Available contracts

Contract Title Contractor Signed Host-Gov-Contract Lang. Summary Link
Georgia Block-XI-C North-Kumisi dd20030904 Farm-In-Agree Farm-In-Agree Canargo Norio Limited, Saknavtobi Norio Ltd September 4, 2003 no English download
Georgia Block-XIc Kumisi dd20001212 PSC PSC Canargo Norio Ltd December 12, 2000 yes English download
Georgia M-11-Well dd20030907 Farm-In-Agreement Farm-In-Agreement Ninotsminda Oil Company Limited, Georgian British Oil Services Company Limited September 7, 2003 no English download
Georgia Ninotsminda Rustavi Menavi dd19960215 PSC PSC JKX Ltd. February 15, 1996 yes English download
Georgia Samgori dd20040100 Farm-In-Agreement Farm-In-Agreement Canargo Samgori Limited, Georgian Oil Samgori Limited 2004 yes English download
Georgia Samgori dd20100500 Amend-PSC Amend-PSC National Petroleum Limited, The Joint Stock National Oil Company Saknavtobi 2010 yes English download

Available concessions data

No concessions data available for this country.

Map of Georgia