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This is the main company or companies who have signed the contract with the government or state-owned company. Contracts often refer to The Contractor as a defined term to mean any company with a financial stake in a consortium, responding to cash calls and sharing in profits. Where there are several companies in such a consortium they will all be signatories to the Host Government Contract, although normally one will be designated as Operator.

Full legal name or publicly known as

If a Contractor has been mentioned inside a contract, it will generally be the full legal name of the legal entity signing the contract. For instance, the entity signing the agreement for the Monteagudo concession in Bolivia is listed in the contract as Repsol YPF E&P Bolivia S.A. Other information such as country of incorporation and a business address in the host country may also be available in the text of contracts. Wherever it is available, the repository uses the full legal name.

References to companies in data used to build the bibliography of concessions is however often much looser. A concession map of Bolivia circulated by the government might only list "Repsol" instead of the fuller legal name. Such entries are included in this repository but it should be recognised that it will then require subsequent research to identify the exact affiliate and incorporation structure used in the project. This may be relevant for tax and other purposes.